Data Science for Everyone

Learn data science with our comprehensive curriculum that will get you
started with practical data science.

We teach data science remotely

We’re changing the way practical data science is taught through our hands-on remote training methods.


Our Data Science training for individuals is taught by experienced instructors in a remote setting. With curriculum designed by industry masters, this course is designed to give individuals in any field a practical understanding of data science and its applications.


Equip your organization’s leaders with data-driven understanding and skills to innovate. Our Corporate Bootcamps are geared towards empowering your team into extracting actionable insights from your company’s data.

Our Trainings

Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp
Learn Data Science in a remote training with a curriculum designed by industry practitioners and led by experienced instructors to give you a head start in data science.


16 weeks


5 – 6 hrs/wk

Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

A remote course designed to introduce a business first approach to data science and instill the use of data-driven decision making.


5 days


3 hrs/day

Python for Data Science

In this course, students will be learning core Python concepts and understand how to use the language as it relates to data science.


5 days


3 hrs/day

We also provide Career support, internships!

Yes, our Practicum package is meant for job seekers and career-changers. Practicum attendees get the following additional benefits

Career Support

We will help you build your resume, data science profile (git repository, online tutorials, and blogs) and offer career placement services

Data science internship

If you sign up for Practicum, you will Work alongside our data scientists in sales, marketing, customer understanding and professional services teams after you complete the training.

Build data science profile

We will help you build your resume, data science profile (git repository, online tutorials, and blogs) and offer career placement services

5000+ happy alumni from Fortune 500
companies to start-ups

We are trusted by more than 1500+ industry clients to provide training in all aspects of data science analytics. Our more than 5,000+ attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including software development, management consulting, medicine, education, project management, public service, finance, non-profit, mining, oil and gas, & more.

What our students say

Cody Morgan

IT Development Manager

Real people! Real Projects! Real impact!

Right from day one of the bootcamp, our emphasis is to cultivate a think-business-first mindset. Bootcamp attendees leave with the ability to put machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence skills in a business context.
Leading Fortune-500 companies are our recurring clients because our training adds real business value.

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